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Behind The Scenes part 1 – Ferrari 365 GTB/4

August 17th, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized


I have decided to add some shots in behind the scenes style. Also I want to write some tips and share with you the ideas I use when taking pictures of models. This is some quick notes from mine last sesion with Ferrari 365 GTB/4 – http://scalecarsphotography.com/2020/08/ferrari-365-gtb4-64-5th-daytona-24h-1977-kyosho/



In my opinion, the place for taking photos should have many features. First of all, it should give you peace of mind and no fear of damage to the model by outsiders. It should be as natural as possible – unless the session idea is different. I mean, for example, not to photograph a rally car in the forest.

hint: good places are garages, industrial buildings, stairs, ramps, monuments, construction sites  etc.

The place should be convenient for taking photos. The model should not stand on the ground. It is a matter of comfort for you and your healthy spine. In the case of Ferrari sessions, I chose the construction site and elements of the concrete wall structure as the place. As You can see – small plaec with a lot of photo opportunity.




Make sure that in the background of the photo there are no elements like advertisements, cars, people passing by etc. Such elements easily reveal the scale of the model. It is good to have a fairly uniform background in the back . This does not distract from the model. Before taking pictures, pay attention to small elements lying around the model’s volute – leaves, sticks, some rubbish, etc. This also reveals the scale of the model.


When taking pictures, it is good to find a place where we have three plans. Neutral background (C), a place where we put the model (B) and the element in the foreground that will break the depth of field (A) and emphasize the focus on the model.


and how the photo looks like

Ferrari 365 GTB 4 Kyosho (18)

hint – if necessary, you can take a small brush with you to sweep the place of taking photos.

loc 3

It is good when the place for taking photos is higher. Is it a staircase or a small wall next to the building. You don’t have to bend down and crouch while taking pictures.

You can look for more location near by.   Sometimes small locations give You 3-4 nice shots.

Ex.1 Rusted beams

Ferrari 365 GTB 4 (8)

Ferrari 365 GTB 4 Kyosho (12)

Ex.2 Excavator


Ferrari 365 GTB 4 (10)

Ferrari 365 GTB 4 Kyosho (13)


I hope you like the idea of such a technical summary of the session. Let me know what your favorite places are or what you would like to learn in the next ones  Behind The Scen


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