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As a kid I had over  1000 all type of small “matchbox” cars from  very cheap 3-4 parts cars to real holy grails – Matchboxes or Siku cars. Instead of wreck  them up as most of other kids I collect them. Sadly when I became teenager I gave them away to others kids in family.  As teenager it is not to cool to play with cars. All changed over 12 years ago when on birthday I bought Maisto Chevrolet Chevelle. Two days later I bought another Maisto Pontiac GTO, and it starts.

I collect mostly American and Japanese classic cars. My hobby become my family hobby. I share my passion with my wife who collect classic American cars from late 50`s.

Huge part of this hobby is photography. It is some kind of my way of playing and have fun with scale cars. I hope You will find some inspiration on my blog and start to do photos of Your collection.

Michał | Tisen |


Competitions  & Awards:

– Macchinine Contest 2010 – collection photo- 1th prize
– AUTOart.de – Christmas Competition – 1th prize

– www.diecastclub.pl – Photo of the Month Contests


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